Who we are & what we do

98.5 theLight is Albury Wodonga’s local Christian radio station.

98.5 theLight is run by Albury Wodonga Christian Broadcasters Incorporated (AWCB Inc.). AWCB Inc. isn’t run or supported by any one church or denomination and we don’t have the backing of a major corporation like commercial radio stations do; our funding comes from listeners like you, and local businesses.


  • In the early 1990’s AWCB Inc. started test broadcasting as 101.7 Rhema FM.
  • In 1999 AWCB Inc. applied for a Long-Term Licence for 101.7Mhz we were using. Later that year AWCB Inc. were informed AWCB were unsuccessful.
  • In 2005 the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) issued a Temporary Community Broadcasting Licence to AWCB Inc.. theLight began broadcasting on 28 May 2006 under this Temporary Broadcast Licence as 100.7 theLight and applied for a new TBL each year as needed.
  • Because of the introduction of the ABC News service in 2008, 100.7 theLight was allocated a new frequency on 98.5Mhz and became 98.5 theLight.
  • In November of 2013 the ACMA asked for applicants for temporary licence that 98.5 theLight broadcast on to become Long-Term which AWCB Inc. put in an application for.
  • In January of 2014 AWCB Inc. were told of our success in gaining a Long-Term Licence.

Our actions are governed by our constitution and policies, as well as a number of laws and regulations, including the Broadcasting Services Act (1992) and the Community Broadcasters Code of Practice (2008) (also PDF).

For more, see Frequently Asked Questions.

Murray River Albury


As elected at the last Annual Meeting of Albury Wodonga Christian Broadcasters Incorporated.

Officers Of The Association
President – Bruce Hogan
Vice President – David James
Treasurer – Mark Paech
Secretary [Public Officer] – Dee Thompson

Ordinary Members
Chris Robinson
Paul Dickenson
Phil Podmore
Heather Schilg

Minutes Secretary
Dee Thompson


Richard Campbell

Station Manager, Program Director

Presenter: Mornings On theLight, 9:00am to Midday Weekdays.

Richard is one of two members on our team who was on air in the 90’s when we broadcast as Rhema 101.7 FM. He hopes as a presenter of christian music it will expand your knowledge and appreciation of all Christian music.


Postal Address:

PO Box 1078, Wodonga, Victoria 3689

Street Address:

Suite 4 Gundowring House 167 Beechworth Rd, Wodonga Victoria 3690

Phone number:

02 6056 2174

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