Questions we are usually asked:

How long is theLight going to stay on?

As long as you want it to!

We are not supported by one church in Albury Wodonga or by a large network of christian radio stations. All the funds we need to Keep theLight On comes from locals, families, businesses and churches. If you want to help Keep theLight On find out how at our Support Page.

In early 2014, 98.5 theLight received notification that we were successful in the application for a Long-Term Licence in Wodonga. As long as we continue to have the support and meet the needs of the Christian Community in the area, 98.5 theLight will stay on air.

In the past 98.5 theLight would broadcast on a ‘Temporary Licence’ that needed to be renewed every 12 months by submission to the Australian Communications and Media Authority, ACMA. The only other licence available from ACMA for Community Broadcasting is a ‘Long-Term Licence’ but this licence also needs to be renewed every 5yrs. So the problem, like with most government agencies, is understanding the ‘jargon’.

How far does theLights' signal reach?

We are always working hard behind the scenes to give you the programs you love in the home you love. But there is a limit to how far we can go. If you want to hear us where you live, send us an email by clicking on our Contact page Our licence gives us enough power to cover Wodonga, but not Albury. We can be picked up well in areas south of the Five Ways in Lavington and as far down the Hume Freeway as Barnawartha. Now we have a permanent licence we are talking to ACMA about increasing our broadcast area. If you would like to hear us in your area then use our contact page detailing your location and disappointment at not being able to receive our signal properly. Another way of listening at home or anywhere is by listening online. Click here to find out how.

How do I listen Online to 98.5 theLight?

98.5 theLight is streaming right now!
For Mobile users we recommend the app TuneIn available in your phones app store. Download the app and search for “98.5 theLight” and listen on the go.#
For PC or Mac users Click Here To Listen Now

Also search for us on your Apple TV.

#Please note mobile data charges will apply. See your network provider for more details about these charges.

What's the name of that song?

If there is a particular song you would like to know the details of, Click Here. If you know the time that it played and it was in the last 7 days it will be there along with any programs played.

When does 98.5 theLight play praise and worship music?

Praise and “Worship” music is played everyday and exclusively on Sundays between 6am/pm – 9am/pm. TheLight also plays music with a distinctive Christian perspective on life and faith. This is our main focus. We hope to reach all with the message of the Gospel and encourage Christians to get closer to God.

Why don't you announce all of the songs?

With our current number of volunteers and announcers we aren’t able to staff the station the way we would like to. We have been investigating technological solutions to this problem. We have implemented two ways of finding what has been played on 98.5 theLight. On this website we post every song and program played. We also, through the TuneIn radio app available on all mobile devices, have a playlist. More info can be found by clicking the Playlist tab, but the ideal solution would be to have enough local announcers to staff the station live.

Why don't you play more Australian programs?

We are proud to play a large number of programs produced right here in Australia. The quality of the Bible teaching and music programs we play is very important to us, and when there isn’t a suitable program made in Australia, we look overseas.

Can you play positive music by non-Christian artists?

We believe the best way to promote the Christian message is through Christian musicians singing about their lives and faith. Through the songs played on 98.5 theLight we hope you will hear or relate to the stories sung about in these songs and see God’s heart for you in them. Playing music by artists that have no faith in God is not something 98.5 theLight will be doing in the foreseeable future. This is not a condemnation of those artists or anyone who hasn’t answered God’s call in their life, and we recognise we all fall short of God’s standards. This will remain a contentious issue for Christians and Christian radio stations.

Can you move my favourite program to a different time?

We would like to please everyone, but that just isn’t possible. Programming decisions are made based on a number of considerations, including the content of programs, listener preferences and listening patterns and other factors. If a program isn’t on at a time you would like, the program producer usually makes it available on CD or from their website. We provide links to these from our Program Guide

Can you promote my event, ministry, church or business on 98.5 theLight?

Yes! There are a number of options depending on what kind of event/ministry/church or business you are involved with, the amount of promotion you want and how much you are willing to spend, though there are free options too.

For Churches and community groups our Events Page provides free promotion for your event online, through our FaceBook and Twitter pages and On Air. Post the details on our Events Page, allowing plenty of time before the event and we will do all the work letting people know your event is coming up.

You can request an interview on one of our programs, remembering that we retain the editorial right to approve what goes to air.

We believe relationships are the best way any type of business can generate income. Listeners of Christian radio have a very close relationship with their radio station and are very loyal, connected and engaged with the station. When they hear that your business is supporting 98.5 theLight they listen. There are Sponsorship packages that we can tailor to suit your needs. Getting your message on air may be more affordable than you think. See more info and the benefits of sponsorship on our Support Page.

I've heard something on 98.5 theLight that I'm concerned about. Who do I speak to?

We take the utmost of care with all that we allow to go to air on 98.5 theLight. If you think we have let our standards drop or if something we say concerns you please Contact Us. Complaints can be made to the Station Manager on 02 6056 2174. If you wish to pursue a formal complaint, you will need to make it in writing to PO Box 1078 Wodonga, 3689 or by clicking on Contact Us.

How do I contact somone at 98.5 theLight?

There are several ways of contacting 98.5 theLight. The most traditional way is via mail our address is;
98.5 the Light Albury Wodonga
PO Box 1078,

Richard Campbell is the Station Manager and contactable during business hours on 02 6056 2174 or through our Contact Page.

You can also keep up to date with what is going on at our FaceBook and Twitter pages.

98.5 theLight Albury Wodonga is run by ALBURY-WODONGA CHRISTIAN BROADCASTERS INC. our ABN: 80 486 909 302

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