Ways to Keep theLight On:

98.5 theLight has been on air in the Wodonga area for almost 30 years. We are supported by local listeners and business that live here with us in Albury Wodonga. Our license to broadcast is only limited only by the amount of support we have by the Christian community in Albury Wodonga.

There are three three ways that you can help keep theLight on and can financially make ends meet.

In no particular order they are;

  • Membership, Becoming a member is the main way we prove the government the level of support we have in the community.
  • Monthly partnership. Unlike the membership payment, any donation over $2 can be claimed back on tax. This monthly support helps us with a steady cash-flow and can help supporter give a larger amount by spreading it across the year. For further information, click on Monthly Partner below
  • Sponsorship or Advertising is the final way we can receive the financial support we need.Business owners can partner with us to help keep theLight on. For more info go to our Contact page by Clicking Here

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By becoming a Member of AWCB Inc. you commit to paying a yearly subscription fee, which helps keep theLight on. You will receive our newsletter and keep up to date with what is happening at 98.5theLight each quarter. Click the link to fill out our Membership Application Form and read the Statement Of Faith. Then choose one of the payment options.


Credit Card Membership Payment Options.

$35 Concessional Membership

$60 Full Membership

Please note at this time our Membership fees are NOT tax deductible.


To support us financially and help keep theLight on in Albury Wodonga, you can make a once off donation or consider making regular direct deposit. Donations $2 and over are tax deductible. You can donate any amount using your credit card by clicking the Donate below. You don’t need to be a PayPal account holder to use this function. Simply use your Credit Card to make this payment.
Make A Donation.
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Prayer Team

The most important way that you can help us is by praying for us. There have been many years of work and many answered prayers to get us this far. Thank God for providing a space on the radio spectrum for a Christian radio station in Albury Wodonga. Please pray that God will provide members, supporters, sponsors, equipment, announcers, and volunteers. Also pray God will continue to lead AWCB Inc. and direct the leadership of theLight in all it’s forms, for His purpose in Albury Wodonga.

Church Visit

98.5 theLight are part of the community in Albury Wodonga.

Many listeners of 98.5 theLight attend church somewhere in or around Albury Wodonga.

At 98.5 theLight we encourage listeners to follow God and His teachings daily, and to attend church regularly to celebrate God with others in praise and worship services.

Because church is so important, 98.5 theLight would be privileged if we could visit your church.

We would love the opportunity to discuss how we could work together to minister to people in the Albury Wodonga community.

If you are in a position to talk with your church leadership or if you are in the leadership of your church, could we talk about 98.5 theLight team members coming to visit your church and make a presentation about 98.5 theLight?

To Contact Us Click Here,, fill in the form to send us an email. Also find our contact details on this page to arrange a friendly and informative visit to your church soon!


Sponsors are businesses, churches and community groups that support us financially. We let our listeners know about the support they provide by playing sponsorship announcements on air. For details about sponsoring Albury Wodonga Christian Broadcasters and 98.5 theLight and how you can get your message to the masses Click Here to Contact Us.
Who are our sponsors?
Sponsorship Policy
Contact the Sponsorship Manager,

Our Sponsors

Support these businesses, churches and groups
that support us, and let them know that you appreciate their support of 98.5 theLight.

Current Sponsors

Albury Vital Air

Shop 2/445 Jamieson Street
(02) 6041 3028

Chalk and Chat

Christian Books, Educational Tools, Coffee & Tutoring
472 David Street
(02) 6041 3104

Dj Design Building

Design, Drafting & Energy Ratings
45 San Souci Drive
(02) 6056 2658

Ikon Suspension

Motorcycle Suspension & Forksprings
(02) 6040 9955

InfoTech Management

Business IT Specialist 4/314 Kiewa Street
(02) 60411552

Mount Carmel Christian School

Prep to Year 12
20 Kinchington Road
Leneva Vic 3691
P: (02) 6056 2288
F: (02) 6056 2321


Business Advisors and Chartered Accountants
Suite 3, 622 Macauley Street
(02) 6021 2931

Wodonga Seventh Day Adventist Church

Corner Melrose & Road Show Drives
(02) 6059 5324


Previous Sponsors



All Australian Stores

Business By The Book

Biblical business training.
0418 316 937 (Greg)

EcoKleen Albury Wodonga

Carpet, Lounge Suites & Rug Cleaning Albury/Wodonga
0434 044 068

Gloria Jeans

All Australian Shops

Keatings Plasterers

77 Wigg Street,
(02) 6024 7775

LA Clips

Dog Bathing, Clipping & Grooming
0412 285446

Network Communications

Optus Network Dealer


Volunteers do so much for our organization. They manage our newsletter mail-outs, look after membership, maintain our transmission equipment, and contribute in many other ways. Please let us know if you would like to join our team of volunteers. The most noticeable part of our team is the announcers. You don’t need a lot of time; as little as 2 hours a week, and we will train you to use the equipment. To inquire about becoming a volunteer, go to the Volunteers Page.

Benefits Of Christian Radio:

When surveyed by McCrindle Research in January 2014 Listeners of Christian Radio said there was an overall increase in these key areas of their life that they attribute directly to their local Christian radio station.

Overall Increase

Church Attendance 25%
Bible Reading 50%
Prayer 58%
Decision Making 64%
Trust Christian Radio 93%

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Our Sponsors:

These businesses help #KeepTheLightOn in Albury Wodonga

Make A Donation.

All Donations over $2 are Tax deductible and help keep theLight on

Become a Monthly Partner for as little as $2 per month or make a once only Credit Card Payment by clicking Donate below.


Direct Deposit Datails
Our banking details for direct deposit or cheque are:
Hume Bank
BSB: 640000
Account #: 382160510 (Hume Bank account holders please change the 5 to an S)
Account Name: Albury Wodonga Christian Broadcasters Inc.

Cheque Payment
Post your Cheque or money order to:
PO Box 1078,
Victoria, 3689.

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