Are You prepared to Change?

By: Christine Addis

I have been through a lot of changes recently in both my business life and personal life.

Changes that have come about because of noticing that what I was presently doing either wasn’t working or had stopped producing the results that I wanted.

Anthony Robbins is quoted as saying,

” if you do what you have always done – you will get what you’ve always gotten”

Sometimes I think we can go through life and keep doing the same things in the same way until one day something causes us to snap out of our automatic pilot and be an observer of our own actions and then what follows is dynamite. Literally – that shift from auto pilot to observer has the ability to change your life so dramatically that it will seem like someone has blown up the old to make room for the new!

What I love about the statement I used in my cover photo – “Old ways won’t open new doors” is that if we are prepared to change there is a promise of a brighter future. A breaking free from the past and the ways things have always been done and a decision to try something new will produce greater results.

I see this all the time in my role as a financial coach. Both couples and individuals will make an appointment to see me when they have experienced the shift from auto-pilot to observer and they are wanting to change. They are no longer satisfied with the results they are getting from the way they have always managed their money. They do not want to end up like the people around them – struggling from pay to pay. They are wanting their future to be better than their past and they are wanting a better future for their children.

Making a decision to change requires adopting new and strange ways of doing things. Sometime ways that are so alien that you cannot believe that they would produce different results than your old ways. This has been the case for me in business. Recently. I was told that I needed to start being more present on social media – completely out of my comfort zone. Writing a blog is something I do quite naturally – I love to write but speaking on video and getting my thoughts and opinions out there in public for people to both like and be annoyed at, has been extremely uncomfortable. I must say though, it is starting to produce results and I am seeing the benefit of being able to reach more people and get my message across to a larger audience. And surprise , surprise, I am also finding it easier and I am becoming more comfortable with it.

So even though it starts out as being a huge effort – it becomes easier when we become better at it. So let me be the stickof dynamite that blows your world up – Get out of that auto pilot and really start to look at the results you are getting from what you are presently doing. Are you happy with them or could they be better?


Article supplied with thanks to Coach Chris

About the Author: Chris is a financial coach with a vision for helping people get “their money into great shape” no matter what their income.