CHINA: Sponsoring Future Leaders to Study God’s Word

May 26, 2022 | VoM

Voice of the Martyrs proudly funds the expenses for Bible students in persecuted nations.

This impacts not only the students but also the innumerable lives that are changed as a result of God’s Word being proclaimed.

By providing an allowance for accommodation, transport and resources the students are given the freedom to focus on their studies for the sake of God’s kingdom.

In recent years, restrictive religious regulations and persecution have increased significantly in China, Despite the continual pressure and oppression from the communist government, the number of Christians is growing rapidly. Purdue University sociologist Fenggang Yang has projected that there would be nearly 250 million Christians in China by 2030. In light of this, there is always the need for the preaching of God’s Word.

In 2021, Voice of the Martyrs sponsored 10 students from Inner Mongolia and the Northeast region to study at a Bible School in Beijing.

The following is an account of how one of the students came to Christ and was called to study at the Bible college.

A family lived in a small town in Inner Mongolia. Ah Lam had been a Christian for 15 years, but her husband, Hu, was a man who subscribed to Marxist-Lenin communism. Ah Lam had been sharing the Gospel with Hu and her son, Jun, and demonstrated to them the love of Christ. However, Hu and Jun had refused to accept Jesus; they stated that the only truth was Marxist-Lenin communism and the atheism that was being taught in schools, on television and in the government’s official teaching. Hu would at times treat Ah Lam unkindly, but she never said a bad word and never complained. She strove to be a good wife and prayed for Hu for 15 years.

In March of 2019, Hu was diagnosed with incurable liver cancer. As his condition worsened, Ah Lam continued to tell him that, according to the Bible, it is appointed unto men once to die, and that after this comes judgment. Ah Lam attempted to persuade him, but Hu continually refused. In a few short months, Hu’s health became significantly worse.

On Christmas Eve, Hu was close to death. Ah Lam and Jun held his hands. Suddenly he opened his eyes and shouted: “I am a sinner, Lord Jesus, save my soul!” All the people around the bed were astonished and thought he must be delirious, talking nonsense. But Hu said a long prayer, confessing his sins and accepting Jesus as his Saviour. He also said to Jun, “You must believe, the Lord Jesus is the only truth, way and life!” A few hours later Hu passed away, resting in the peace of his Saviour and Lord.

Many of the relatives and friends of Hu didn’t understand why this man made such an about-face that night after being a firm communist for over 50 years. Ah Lam knew it was because God’s grace and mercy had come upon His lost sheep. Days later, the local church pastor conducted a Christian funeral for the father and gave an evangelical message before 100 colleagues and friends of the father, most of whom were atheists.

Jun was amazed that Hu had so thoroughly moved from firm atheism to Christianity. He also remembered Hu’s last words to him. He started to doubt what the newspapers and teachers in school taught – the Holy Spirit began to work in Jun’s heart.

One day in January 2020, Jun said to Ah Lam, “Mum, I love you, I love my dad and I would like to accept Jesus as my personal Saviour as you did and Dad did. I hope to be with you in eternity, for ever, never be apart from you.” At that moment the Lord won the whole family.

The following year, Jun was baptised and joined the youth fellowship of the local church; he became a true born-again devoted follower of the Lord Jesus. After one year’s prayer and observation of Jun, the elders and pastor confirmed God’s calling upon his life. They wrote to the board of the Bible school on Jun’s behalf to apply to study theology. They also asked for financial aid for the young man.

Since the conversion of Hu became known, the government ceased all pension entitlements to the family. One government official declared, “Your husband is not a follower of communism, not a member of us, we cannot provide any pensions for you. Let his ‘Lord Jesus’ feed you …!” The family began to struggle financially.

After much prayer, the board decided to help Jun start his theological study at the Bible school, VOM is covering all expenses.

Please pray for Jun as his life is transformed by God’s Word and he prepares for a life of ministry.