Learn to Cook Like a Junior Masterchef

By: Gabriel Garcia

Whether you’re an aspiring Masterchef or the obligatory chef at home, cooking is something we must all get a grasp of at some point in our lives.

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Like many things in life, learning to cook and having a positive relationship with food is best started early. With concerns growing over the health and nutrition of Australia’s youth, the need to create a good relationship with food is more important than ever.

Sanitarium Health Food Company, the company responsible for the creation of some of Australia’s most beloved foods like Weet-Bix, So Good and UP&GO, understands that the best way to create a positive relationship between food and youth is to make it fun.

In their 12 before 12 booklet Sanitarium combines fun recipes with life skills in the kitchen in order to forge an excitement for all things food. The challenge that Sanitarium lays out in their booklet is simple; to learn 12 new food skills before the age of 12.

Among the skills taught are how to read measurements, how to cut food properly and safely with a knife and how to go food shopping in a time efficient manner.

To assist with the growth of these skills, Sanitarium provides the recipe to tasty meals, from desserts to full fledged meals, that kids can cook with their parents. The meals are varied but all of have one thing in common; they are healthy and easy to make.

The 12 before 12 Sanitarium challenge is an easy fun activity that allows for quality family time. Food is essential and cooking is a life skill so it is vital for our nations kids to have a positive and healthy bond with it.

The 12 before 12 cookbook is FREE to download from Sanitarium

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About the Author: Gabriel is a writer with a background in International Studies, History and Media.

Feature image: Photo by Hannah Tasker on Unsplash