MYANMAR: Kachin Bible School Shelled by Burmese Army

Nov 9, 2022 | VoM

A Bible school in northern Myanmar was attacked by the Tatmadaw (Burmese Army) last Thursday, injuring four men in the dormitory.

The Tatmadaw launched three attacks on the Theological Seminary in Kutkai, Shan State. The victims were hit by shrapnel and sustained non-life-threatening injuries. Those injured were Myitung Doi La (24), Ndau Awng San (27), Nhkum Sut Ring Awng (21), and Sumlut Brang San (22).

A video posted on Facebook by one of the Christians showed the damage caused by the shelling. Visible holes and dents could be seen on the windows, walls, and even in the students’ clothing.

One local resident said that this kind of attack by the military threatens the Christian Bible school and the Kachin people, a predominantly Christian ethnic group in northern Myanmar. “They (Military Council) hate our Kachin people so much,” the resident told local news sources. “This is why we are being targeted and attacked. This looks like a planned shooting. My heart hurts so much. Since this happened, we Kachin people must be careful.”

“The attack against the Kachin Theological Seminary was certainly not an accident,” said Gina Goh, International Christian Concern’s regional manager for Southeast Asia. “Instead, the Tatmadaw deliberately targeted a Christian facility knowing how important this faith is to Kachin people. This despicable regime should not be tolerated any further by the international community and needs to be removed at once.”

The attack comes after another shelling on 30 October that partially destroyed a Baptist church and hall in Momauk township, Kachin State. The Tatmadaw also attacked concertgoers during the Kachin Independence Organisation (KIO)’s anniversary celebration on 23 October, killing at least 80 and injuring hundreds.

More than 90 percent of the Kachin ethnic group adheres to the Christian faith. Ever since the junta mounted a coup in Myanmar in February 2021, the brutal military regime has continued a reign of terror against civilians with indiscriminate shelling and burning of villages, schools, and religious buildings. More than 2,400 people have been killed, and over 16,000 people have been jailed and tortured by the Tatmadaw.

Source: International Christian Concern

Please Pray

Pray for a swift recovery in mind and spirit for the four young people injured in this recent attack.

Pray that Bible schools such as the Kachin Theological Seminary will continue their teachings despite constant threats of violence.

Pray for peace throughout Myanmar and an end to the vicious attacks by the Burmese Army.