Simplifying Life, Living More Fully

More is not always better, and stuff does not lead to happiness. An intriguing story of one family’s journey to minimalize their possessions and maximize their lives. You’ll learn practical ideas on how to get started decluttering, and the importance of generosity.

Helping Your Millennial Child Reconnect with God

We’ll explore reasons why some Millennials are walking away from their Christian faith, and what parents can do to help them reconnect with Jesus. We’ll also offer hope and encouragement to parents who have regrets about being poor role-models for their kids. Part 1 Part 2

Advice From a Self-confessed Daggy Dad

Author & humourist, Robbie Parkin says there’s a point in every father’s life when they seemingly go from “Hero to Zero” in the eyes of their children. Robbie shares some practical advice on how fathers can overcome being seen as a “Daggy Dad” and stay connected with their kids.