Using Jesus to Change the Fate of the World’s Largest Nation

By: Laura Bennett

Over half the world’s population growth is expected to be in Africa between now and 2050. In the next few decades millions of people will build lives in countries marked by poverty, corruption and war.

It’s an environment that could easily become hopeless, as survival and putting food on the table take top priority. A person’s spiritual wellbeing seems insignificant, but for African Enterprise, it’s where their aid work begins.

Working on the continent for nearly 60 years, African Enterprise (AE) partner with local churches introducing African communities to the Bible, and teaching them about Jesus. Looking at His love for humanity and ability to cross racial divides, Jesus’ character frames AE programs on peace and reconciliation, leadership development, and youth empowerment.

Seeing the positive impact of Australia’s Christian heritage on our society and democracy, AE CEO Ben Campbell believes a spiritual approach to aid is what Africa needs to reap the same benefits.

“The Australasian community makes an incredible contribution to the world stage on so many levels”, Ben says, “and in particular to Africa through the blessings the Lord has provided our societies.”

African Enterprise

“It is possible to help change Africa for the better through Christ… bringing unity to churches to engage in citywide urban mission and social action programs and strengthening theological education.”

AE’s focus on holistic wellbeing has made it a leading force in Africa for reconciliation, mission and social transformation, coordinating thousands of volunteers to train pastors and leaders in their own language and culture and to engage on mission to all levels of society. Biblical scripture is preached by locals to locals, making AE one of the most effective agencies for transforming cities through evangelism in partnership with the church.

This year African Enterprise will go to approximately 15 African city regions in various countries including,  South Sudan, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Tanzania, mobilising the church and thousands of volunteers to reach out to their local communities.  This change is only made possible through the support of people like you.   You can partner with African Enterprise now on the Great Commission in Africa and continue to enable change via

Watch below: African Enterprise impact video

Article and video supplied with thanks to African Enterprise who bring the good news of Jesus to the people of Africa.

About the Author: Laura Bennett is a media professional, broadcaster and writer from Sydney, Australia.