What is Sponsorship

Sponsorship in Australia refers to a form of advertising in which a business or organisation pays a radio station to associate its brand with that station. But is is so much more.

At theLight this is a unique partnership only we can offer as theLight has a more personalised and engaging connection with listeners. Sponsorship on theLight is an effective way for your business or organisation to reach a loyal audience.

In Australia, radio sponsorship is also subject to regulations set by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to ensure transparency and prevent deceptive advertising practices. These regulations include requirements for sponsors to identify their association with theLight and disclose commercial interests to listeners by simply saying that your business or organisation is a “Station Sponsor“. These regulations also limit the amount of sponsorship minutes to 5 minutes per hour. On theLight, we ensure that only 2 sponsorship messages are played back to back. This means your business or organisation’s message won’t get lost in a cluster of other messages allowing your business or organisation to stand out and shine.


Our Sponsors Our Support

Our Sponsors are community minded business owners that want to #HelpKeeptheLightOn.

If you are in need of the services they provide please consider our sponsors first.