6 Fun Things You Can Still Do This Easter Weekend

By: Christine Addis

My family and I have developed some traditions over the years that have become part of normal life in the Addis household and one of those traditions has been to organise a treasure hunt at Easter with the “treasure” being Easter eggs.

Both the grandchildren and my adult children get involved with easy to find Easter eggs dotted around the garden or home for the grandchildren and then a more cryptic set of clues as part of a treasure hunt for the adult children. I remember actually promising one of my grandsons’ this year that I would organise a pirate treasure map for his Easter egg hunt this year as he has become quite fascinated by stories of pirates and hidden treasure.

But that promise was made before COVID 19 and the restrictions regarding large gatherings coming into force. A gathering for Easter at our place can feature anywhere from 18 people as that would be the total of myself, my husband, our five children, their partners and their children – so that is out and what on earth am I going to do?

For me, the restriction is as a result of the fact that I am going to have to get creative in organising the much promised pirate treasure map for my grandson who I cannot actually get together with nor can I prepare for him to hunt treasure in my backyard but for others I know it will be more about not being able to afford the usual cost of Easter and all of the enjoyment that goes with it as well as the restriction in numbers allowed to gather.

So how do we celebrate this important part of our yearly calendar without contravening the restrictions or when funds are low?

Here are a few I have come up with…..

Treasure hunt

photo of a pile of different coloured chocolate easter eggs

This still applies as most families with children will be able to have fun by themselves in their own homes and backyard. You can simply hide the eggs or Easter surprises and let the kid’s find them or you can get more creative and leave clues everywhere that lead your children nearer and nearer to the prize.

Make chocolate Easter eggs together

photo of a happy mum and daughter stirring a baking bowl

All of the supplies you need should be able to be found at your local supermarket and the Easter egg moulds at Spotlight or maybe online.

Decorate an Easter tree

photo of easter eggs hanging on a tree

Our German families will know what I mean. We started this tradition after visiting Germany one year at Easter time and discovering a tree on most people’s front porch which was usually a branch decorated with colourful Easter eggs hanging on it. Some of them looked quite spectacular.

Games night

photo of two boys playing an x box

This could be using the more conventional board games or you could have Playstation competitions – but choose something that everyone can do.

Backyard bonfire

photo of a fire pit

It’s getting a little cooler at nights now – so how about a backyard bonfire in one of the very refined fire pits you can pick up these days – there are some very fancy ones out there but you can also do what we have always done -we keep the inside of an old washing machine at hand for such a time as this and a family bonfire is soon thrown together complete with toasted marshmallows or even smores that our Canadian friends taught us how to make.

Movie night

photo of a family sitting on the couch gathered around a tv

A movie night complete with homemade popcorn and any other goodies that you care to indulge in – you can be as creative as you like for this and set up the seating as if you are at the movies or for kids make it a drive in theatre and get them to make their own cardboard cars to sit in whilst watching the movie.

photo of a family rolling on the lawn together laughing

We have created wonderful family memories with all of these over the years and my children who now have children of their own are eager to celebrate this way with their children.

So let’s not let the restriction that COVID 19 brings, stop us from celebrating this important time of year. The magic of technology via Zoom/ Skype/ Face Time/ Hangouts will still allow you to hold parties with your extended families so that you can still share what they are up to and still feel part of each other’s lives!

As for me – I need to get my thinking cap on and decide how on earth I can get creative with this pirate map??????

Happy Easter!!!!

Article supplied with thanks to Coach Chris.

About the Author: Chris is a financial coach with a vision for helping people “get their money into great shape” no matter what their income.