A Fresh Perspective on a Routine Assignment

By: Jenny Baxter

My head screwed up with this fresh perspective. Oh my goodness!

My rock idol says this:

“Parenting is the most important job anyone will ever do.”

He really gave a fresh and unexpected view on pregnancy, motherhood and parenting. Why hadn’t I thought of it before?

Here’s where I was:

  • Seven months pregnant.
  • First baby.
  • Reading an interview with my rock legend Larry Norman.

And I’d never heard anyone say anything like that. Not ever.

“Parenting is the most important job anyone will ever do.”

It read like some soppy sentiment to begin with, but he came back to it. Not just once, or twice, but the crux of the whole interview was parenting. I knew his views were controversial, and there in black and white, he was doing it again. Right in front of me: Parenting is one of the most important jobs anyone can do.

You might have imagined, as I had, that for a rock legend, the most important thing would be singing for thousands. Or recording amazing albums. Or even inspiring people about life, death, the universe and everything at his concerts.

But no. According to Larry Norman, being a parent was THE most important thing.

My whole world suddenly shifted. I got a fresh perspective . . .

Soon I would give birth to a longed-for baby, and it too suddenly took on another whole dimension with this fresh perspective. I was in a new zone.  It was happening TO ME. I was embarking on the most important job I was ever going to do.

Of course plenty of people say there are far more important things than having children:

Creating an empire | Reaching the moon | A breakthrough against disease

But no activity, apart from having children, enables you to pass along your genes to the next generation. In that sense, you become eternal. This fresh perspective was a revelation.

Now, many years later, I agree with Larry Norman. There really are fewer things more fulfilling, more important, or more difficult, than raising children. Whether you are married or single; and somewhere in the spectrum between being employed full-time and stay-at-home parent; there is no doubt that what you are doing is raising the next generation.

And there are very few occupations more important than that.

Article supplied with thanks to Treasuring Mothers.

About the Author: Jenny Baxter is married with 5 children, and 3 adorable grandkids, Jenny is an accomplished writer, manager and Board Director with a heart for motherhood.