Molly’s Game – Movie Review

By: Laura Bennett

Can you run an illegal gambling ring with integrity?

Reading the synopsis for Molly’s Game, you’d be understandably misled into thinking it’s a dark salacious tale about poker and the ‘glossy’ yet flawed world of high-stakes gamblers. That’s there, but it’s not the main point.

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The Best Books I Read in 2017 (All 30 of Them)

By: Sheridan Voysey

Well here it is – my annual list of the best books I read last year, those I endorsed, and all the others worth your time. (Unlike other years I had no books I couldn’t finish, so everything here is worth a look!) I preference good books over new books and that’s reflected in the list, with lots of older titles among the new ones.

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Embark on a Grand Venture

By: Movies Change People

Grab your backpack, adventure is calling!

Here are five films that have inspiration in their DNA and will encourage you to dream big, go wild, let go of excuses and in some cases, literally shoot for the stars.

 2018 is going to be quite the adventure with these flicks!

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How to Make Your Own Speaker

You’ll be the coolest parent when you magically transform a cardboard tube and plastic cups into a groovy speaker!

What’s Up Moms have your school holidays covered with this great practical project.

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Jon Foreman: Why I Refuse to Hate the Haters

By: Laura Bennett

In the wake of tragedy and political upheaval, we often find ourselves leaning towards celebrities for words of comfort, for rally cries and condolences.

Social media makes it easier than ever for the artist, the actor, or the musician to reach out to their fans – conversely, it almost insists a sort of responsibility to the celebrity.

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