New App Helps You Help Suffering Loved Ones

By: Joni Boyd

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of comments like “Let me know if you need anything” when in the middle of a crisis, you’ll know just how important it is that friends and families know how to help, without relying on the person who is suffering, for information.

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“It’s not love, it’s abuse”: Coercive Control

By: Mike Crooks

The NSW Government has launched an eye-opening ad campaign in the lead-up to new domestic violence laws.

Key points

  • 97% of intimate partner homicides in NSW between 2000 and 2018 were preceded by the perpetrator using coercive control towards the victim.
  • Coercive control ads, which begin rolling out today, use the tagline, “It’s not love, it’s coercive control. Know the signs of abuse.”
  • $925 million “Leaving Violence” package to support women to escape an abusive partner announced today.

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