Gifts For Greater Good

By: David Maegraith

From her younger years, Emmy Cooper had a love for helping people in need and raising funds and awareness for different projects.

“Whether it was selling laminated bookmarks in my dad’s barber shop or asking family or friends for finances and support for different causes, I was in it wholeheartedly,” Emmy says.

Emmy recently started Greater Gifts, producing beautifully unique hand-crafted gifts in order to give greater gifts to those in need.

All proceeds go directly to Compassion Australia to provide health facilities and care, education and bibles to the poor and marginalised around the world.

Emmy says, “Our goal is to joyfully proclaim the good news of the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ. All of the items are designed, handmade and packaged by me.

A year after getting married, a friend taught me how to make earrings. My husband, Dave suggested I could sell them, so I did! Since then, new products have been added to the store. I work in administration full time so Greater Gifts is my crafty outlet which I enjoy doing each day after work.

Through our work and passion, we want to share the love, enthusiasm and stories about our sponsored children to our friends and family – so they will see the importance of sharing the Gospel and encouraging our brothers and sisters in Christ across the world.”

Greater Gifts supports Compassion Australia

When growing up, Emmy’s family always supported a Compassion sponsor child.

“I could always see the importance of a sponsor child – to help someone in need and to have a relationship with them by writing letters,” says Emmy.

“Not only that but it was also humbling for us; to know that the things I owned or did weren’t the things that gave me satisfaction or my identity. My identity was to be found in the Lord.

Emmy and Dave with their Compassion sponsored child Mary Rose
Emmy and Dave with their Compassion sponsored child Mary Rose

My husband and I now have three Compassion sponsor children and we were inspired by the letters they wrote to us. By God’s grace, in January 2019, we visited two of our sponsor children and we witnessed Compassion’s work in the Philippines which only increased our confidence in Compassion as an organisation.”

So does Emmy have any favourite Greater Gifts?

“That’s a hard question!” she laughs. “Anything that Greater Gifts sells is something I would personally wear or have in my home and reflects people and stories that have inspired me.

Out of everything I love the Bible prints the most. I struggle to memorise verses and I find having them hung around the house helps me to meditate on them daily.

Psalm print
Psalm 150:6

I hope and pray that others will find them helpful for the same reason and that the prints will point them to Jesus and to read their Bible regularly. For this reason, the prints that I find point me to the Bible most are ‘Happy in the Lord’ and ‘Psalm 150:6’.

Honey Mustard earrings
Honey Mustard earrings

I love the variety of the earrings too as I love to change them to match what I wear. Mustard if my favourite colour, so I’d have to say the ‘Honey Mustard’ earrings are my favourite.

Hot Pot mats
Hot Pot mats

I also love the hot pot mats! They’re so nifty and each mat is one of a kind. They’re great for birthday or wedding presents. We have them in our house and people are always complimenting them!

To learn more about the Greater Gifts store, visit them here

Article Supplied with thanks to 1079Life.

About the Author: David Maegraith is co-founder of Eternity newspaper and currently works in radio as engagement manager.