Good Advice… Bad Jokes… Our Favourite Movie Dads of All Time

By Movies Change People

Dads – they love us, defend us, tickle us, protect us and are always ready with the most cringe-worthy jokes.

Here are our Top 6 Dads from the movies and why:

1. Captain Von Trapp – The Sound of Music

Christopher Plummer took on the role in the 1965 movie. We love his stirring performance of Edelweiss around halfway through the film, showing a very different side to the ‘military like’ father their children had known. He’s a movie Dad who will stand the test of time in years to come

Relive Edelwiss Here

2. Daniel Hillard – Mrs Doubtfire

How far would you go to see your children if there was the looming threat of them being taken out of your care?┬áRobin Williams’ portrayal of answers that when he transforms from a man into the lovable older female nanny.

Remember where it all began

3. Bryan Mills – Taken

Audiences were posed the question of just what they would do if their daughters were snatched from under their noses in this first ‘Taken’ movie. Liam Neeson’s harrowing portrayal answers that in spectacular fashion.

Watch what happens when you push a Dad too far

4. Arthur Weasley – Harry Potter

There are a whole plethora of characters to have made an impact in this film series, but one of the most influential is Harry’s best friend’s Dad – portrayed by Mark Williams.
His love for Harry along with his own children and wife is something to be admired.

Get to know Arthur here

5. George Banks – Father of the Bride

And you just can’t go past Steven Martin in Father of the Bride – what a Dad! He made us laugh, made us cry and at the end of the day just reminded us that being a Dad is a roller coaster ride of emotions as our beautiful children grow up… and out.

Relive his hilarious Dad moment

6. Thomas Avery – The Way

In this touching film, this Dad may not have been fully on board with is son Daniel’s expedition along the Camino de Santiago. But when his son unexpectedly dies on the trip, Thomas decides to finish his boy’s journey.

Watch the Trailer here

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads – we appreciate you!

Article supplied with thanks to Movies Change People