Jesus Saves

By: Steve Grace

Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. – 2 Corinthians 3:

Multiple mass killings and riots in America have filled peoples hearts with uncertainty and fear. The tensions arising globally as Countries flex their political and economic muscle and show their allegiance to nations who will have the ability to launch nuclear warheads. The genocide of Christians goes unreported by the mainstream media outlets. Meanwhile… there are nations in famine and drought, nations at war and many that are completely bankrupt. The world is hanging on by a thread.

A wise old man once told me… “As the times get darker remember the light will shine even brighter”. As evil and Godlessness continue to grow like a cancer don’t underestimate the power of the goodness of God. Don’t become so consumed by the heaviness of negative information you get fed by the news and social media that it robs you of the goodness and freedom you have in Christ. He is our only hope of glory. Evil takes over when people no longer believe in the goodness of God.

Romans 2:4 tells us that we live in a generation that despises the riches of his kindness, His restraint, and patience, they don’t realise that God’s kindness is intended to lead us to repentance? From repentance comes forgiveness and that brings us complete freedom!!!!

Don’t be discouraged. Be encouraged. Only Jesus saves!

Article supplied with thanks to Steve Grace

About the Author: Steve is an international award winning Australian Country Gospel artist. With twenty albums and a million miles of concert tours behind him, Steve tours everywhere from remote villages in the South Pacific to country towns across the ‘Great Southland of the Holy Spirit’.