Metoo: A Hashtag Giving Women the Courage to Tell Their Story

By: Stephen O’Doherty | Open House

The hashtag #metoo has become a social media phenomenon, giving thousands upon thousands of women the courage to reveal their experience of sexual harassment in the workplace.

A Global Issue

Starting with revelations of the abusive ‘casting couch’ culture of Hollywood, revelations of work-related abuse of women now encompass many industry sectors across a global landscape.

Women rightly point out that this is merely an awakening. They have been suffering and complaining about sexist and abusive workplace cultures for years.

What is Different?

What is different about the current situation is that huge numbers of women are coming forward to tell stories that have been hidden for many years, and men in significant positions of leadership are being held accountable for their actions.

What is it about the current environment that has promoted women to come forward?

To get an Australian perspective on this issue Open House went to Wendy Simpson.

Wendy’s Story

Wendy is a highly accomplished business and community leader. Chair of her own company, Wendy has a distinguished CV that includes senior leadership positions in national and multi-national companies. She holds directorships of key non-profits including World Vision and is a tireless advocate and mentor for women in leadership.

Wendy is a committed Christian who gives her time to many ministries including City to City and the Sydney Prayer Breakfast.

As we found out when we spoke to Wendy about Australian business and the #metoo phenomenon, she has her own #metoo story – one not told before now.

Listen: Australian business leader Wendy Simpson in conversation with Stephen O’Doherty

Article supplied with thanks to Open House.

Stephen O’Doherty is a broadcaster, journalist, former member of parliament, and the Host of Open House – a weekly three-hour live talkback radio show exploring life, faith and Hope from a Christian perspective.