Springtime Cuteness from Australian Baby Animals

By: Kim Wilkinson

Baby Wombats, tiny Tasmanian Devils and a Koala learning to jump for the first time – it doesn’t get much cuter, or more Australian, than this.

Australia’s wildlife is so unique and diverse, that many travel across the world just to see them up close in real life.

As Aussies, we’ve mostly likely had the chance to see a Wombat, a Koala or even a Tasmanian Devil – but have you seen them in their early years?

These recent videos from The Australian Reptile Park are a delightful display of the playful nature of these small critters.

From armfuls of Tasmanian Devils scrambling for a cuddle, to a zoo keeper being chased by a mini Wombat, these baby marsupials are sure to bring a smile to your day.

Watch: Grace the Wombat enjoy tummy rubs and cuddles

Watch: These Tasmanian Devil siblings scramble and play

Watch: This Koala as she learns to jump


About the author: Kim Wilkinson is a media and communications professional who specialises in building community and valuable relationships.