How to Flourish at Work

By: Stephen O’Doherty

Why do we work? Ask around and you are likely to encounter more than a few strange, quizzical looks. Why would any sensible person even ask that question? We just have to, right? And to flourish at work, well that’s a nice idea, but…

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Blood, Sweat and Tears

By: Duncan Robinson

Have you ever started something, that was a something you were called to do and met resistance?

Perhaps you are doing something now, that hasn’t happened as easily as you would hope, but you are convinced that God is moving in it.

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When Beauty Treatments Become About Life Calling

By: Laura Bennett

Tucked away in a quite alley of a busy Australian city is Aesthetic Artisan Group: a sweet-scented haven for salon-weary clients who seek respite from the impersonal care and rushed pace so many beauty outlets offer.

Walking off the street and into its modernised French provincial setting there’s no hairdryers buzzing or heels hitting floorboards, it’s calm and welcoming.

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