Burnout or Bore Out: Reflections for the New Year

By: Brian Harris

There’s no doubt about it, burnout is a real problem, and large numbers of people have pulled back from aspirational careers, putting new boundaries in place, and taking clear and tangible steps to make sure they never land up in the same place of over stretch and exhaustion again.

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Do Small Steps Really Matter?

By: Christine Addis

How many times have we second guessed ourselves when we are confronted with something we want to change and make a decision to do so only to give up because we fail to see the progress achieved by seemingly small steps?

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Family Feud, Folding the Washing and Making a Fresh Start

By: Yvette Cherry

I love Family Feud and I like to think I’m quite good at it. I’m better at Wheel of Fortune though. Even when I was nine years old I could guess all the phrases without any of the letters. One year my neighbour Shelley applied to be on Wheel of Fortune and I was more than a little jealous. I laughed when she told me how she had to climb the fence at Channel Ten because she was late for her audition, but deep down I was just a festering ball of envy.

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