Perhaps Australia is the Lucky Country After All

By: McCrindle

Despite the challenges presented in 2020, 85% of Australians say that they are happy when they think about their life overall. Two in five Australians (41%) believe they are happier than the average Australian, with a further 40% believing they are equally as happy as the average Australian.

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Want to Feel Happier and Care for the Earth? Do This for Just 20 Seconds a Day

By: Sheridan Voysey

Last year an Australian friend came to visit me. When Jason arrived I wasted no time showing him the best of Oxfordshire, taking him to Blenheim Palace, the Bodleian Library, Oxford’s old quarter, and cosy villages with thatched-roof cottages to prove such things really did exist outside of Midsomer Murders reruns. Visits to London, York and Holy Island followed, then some hiking around Northumberland.

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