How COVID-19 Is Impacting the Future of Work and Learning

By: McCrindle

We are living in times of unprecedented change, and while new measures are restructuring the normal rhythms of life, Australians are responding to these and the impact they have on how they work and learn.

Social distancing measures means many are now working from home, with our research suggesting almost three in five Australians (58%) have a job that allows them to do so. While this poses great change for many Australians, it also provides opportunities for innovation about the future of learning and work.

Nine in ten Australians are positive about working and learning from home

Australians are very positive about a shift towards online learning in the education sector and the workplace. In fact, nine in ten Aussies are positive about an increased use of online learning in vocational training (90%), university (89%), workplaces (90%) and in schools (86%).

It’s not without challenges though, with more than half of Australians (56%) agreeing that working from home would be challenging with other people at home.

The new normal

More than three in four Australians agree that working from home will become the new normal (78%) and would stay longer with their employer if they were offered more remote working or flexible working options (76%).

Remote working has many benefits, but it can also pose challenges for productivity, social connection and opportunities for collaboration. In another study we conducted into teleworking we found that 68% of working Australians agree that the culture and output is best when everyone is working in one place with a degree of flexibility for remote working.

The future of work and learning

COVID-19 has thrust many organisations into adopting working and learning from home practises. Yet it is likely that the future of work and learning will be a hybrid of online and traditional learning environments. It will be characterised by digital and global connectivity, increasing mobility as well as visual engagement and social connection (even while social distancing).

Learning, training and development is key to not only staff attraction but staff retention and will continue to be important for this new normal of people working and learning from home. During these times of uncertainty, Australians are looking for confidence, a sense of direction, and a sense of where things are at from leaders, even while we learn and work from a distance.

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