The Six Stages of Parking at Christmas


Christmas. It relives memories of giving, time with family, bountiful feasts… and trying to finding a parking spot.

This hilarious take on the six stages of parking at Christmas will have you nodding your head, and crying tears of empathy and laughter.

Watch: As this typical driver goes through the six stages of Christmas parking in under 50 seconds

Stage One: Optimism

Usually occurring at the beginning of the Christmas season, you are optimistic of not only finding a car space, but that it will be near the front of the shops.

Stage Two: Doubt

You start to question why you even tried to come out amongst all these Christmas shoppers… asking yourself, ‘why didn’t I just shop online’?

Stage Three: Passive Aggressive

Attitudes sink to a new low towards others who look like they are walking towards their car to leave, but have only just arrived.

Stage Four: Prayer

Believing now for God to work the impossible, you turn to prayer for a parking spot to miraculously appear.

Stage Five: Rage

You see a space in the distance up ahead, only to realise when turning in, that it’s actually taken up by a very small car. Cue the meltdown.

Stage Six: Pure Joy

The overwhelming feeling of elation when you can finally pull your car into your very own parking space (even if your free hours of parking may have now expired).

Video supplied with thanks to ACCTV