Ukraine is Still Standing, and it Needs Your Help

By: Amy Cheng

Almost two years on from Russia invading Ukraine and there appears to be no end to the war.

That invasion was an escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian War that began in 2014; although most of the world may have moved on or forgotten, Ukrainians are still standing strong.

Dr Rudolf Myhovych, Head of Christian Medical Fellowship of Ukraine, believes it’s a miracle.

“I compare with you the amount of artillery (Russia) are using and it’s horrible, but still we’re standing,” he said in an interview. “You read about David and Goliath (in the Bible) but, in real life, you would not put your money on David. I’m telling you from David’s perspective; it’s a miracle and prayers are really working.”

More help needed

Dr Myhovych said any help that people can provide is important, however, medical help is of particular importance.

“Russia is hunting for ambulances; they’re hunting for medics because if you can kill the medic, you will also kill five other people who will not receive medical help; that is the reality.”

Aside from medical supplies, education and training will also be helpful, according to Dr Myhovych.

“It’s not only about giving, it’s also about educating because with education you can help a person to become better, to save more lives and to make a difference.”

Hand of God

Dr Myhovych said he is a Baptist and often doesn’t think about the supernatural ways that God works, however, over the past two years, he has seen God act in remarkable ways.

“Sometimes… we need certain things – medicine, antibiotics, equipment and medical supplies and then the next day it’s arrived from an unknown supporter.”

He recalled a time when the team cancelled a trip a mobile clinic was due to make; these clinics often go into occupied territories that are dangerous.

“I don’t remember reason why but we cancelled it the day before; on that day, the rocket trapped in the building when it should be mobile clinic, and we have many, many similar stories.”

The importance of prayer

Dr Myhovych asks people to continue praying because he believes prayers are working.

“We don’t see how politician or the military will solve this; we don’t see this right now…God gave us time to give up and remember “it’s in my hands to win the war. Continue to pray for believers and for churches to be active and for peace, but peace is impossible without victory.”

This war is impacting on the whole world, not just Ukraine, Dr Myhovych said, and he is praying that this “evil will be stopped”.

“I pray that this evil will be stopped, it’s evil like a disease; as a doctor, we know that if we’re not going to give antibiotics as soon as possible, disease will spread as like Covid. It’s very fast and very infectious, so you have to have a strong weapon against it.”

How you can help

Apart from prayer, people can donate financially to the Christian Medical and Dental Association of Australia.

“It should not be a big donation but constant, every month $10 or $100, at least something that will help us to continue to helping other people,” Dr Myhovych said. “It’s not just the military, but we’re also helping hundreds and millions of civilians with mobile clinics and education, so they can visit our website and read about this more.”

Dr Myhovych also suggests that churches find a church in Ukraine to make a sister relationship with.

“It will help them to be better and more effective. It’s something that can help you to understand more because it’s all about (building) relationships.”

He believes this war must be stopped to preserve peace in the world.

“If you’re not going to stop evil in Ukraine, it’s going to spread all over the world and it’s going to destroy the peace in the whole world. Peace is impossible without victory; Jesus came to bring peace but he paid the price for the victory.

“We have to call to him because sometimes what is impossible to us is possible to God; there are so many stories about how he’s doing and working; not only on the front but everywhere.”

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Article supplied with thanks to Hope Media.

Feature image: Photo by Nataliya Melnychuk on Unsplash