hot dog buns

Grain and Gluten Free Hot Dog Buns

By: Susan Joy

These hot dog buns came about after I received a message from a mum. Her daughter needed a grain and gluten free bun that looked like other kids buns for when she went to parties. I’ve used yeast to help create a soft-centred bun (choose a yeast without additives, Saccharomyces cerevisiae is the type for baking bread). They are perfect to cradle your hot dog or sausage in.

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chocolate crackles

Paleo Chocolate Crackles

By: Susan Joy

I’ve turned an unhealthy high-sugar kids birthday party treat, into a healthy nourishing snack. My version of crispy chocolate crackles contain organic coconut, sunflower seeds and flaked almonds in place of processed cereal. This recipe can also be made nut-free.

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salted caramel slice

Salted Caramel Fingers

By: Susan Joy

This slice tastes awesome! Even if I say so myself. It’s my version of a Snickers Bar in a slice. It has a firm salted caramel layer with roasted macadamias, between a soft textured base and a chocolate topping. My homemade version doesn’t contain peanuts, vegetable fat, soy, gluten or refined sugars, it’s actually good for you.

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sweet potato banana muffin

Sweet Potato & Banana Mini Muffins

By: Susan Joy

A perfect snack for toddlers, they have no added sweeteners and get their flavour from fruit and vegetables. A quick and easy recipe, just pop all the ingredients into a blender and whiz, just what busy mums need. They have a moist, fudgy texture and by adding dark chocolate chips or blueberries, the older kids will love them in their school lunchboxes.

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roasted vegetable salad

Roasted Vegetable Salad

By: Susan Joy

This salad is filled with hearty vegetables that are roasted in oil seasoned with turmeric and cumin, and served tossed through baby spinach leaves. It’s a perfect salad for cooler nights and it can be served as a complete meal for lunch. Save time by roasting extra vegetables the night before.

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